Montreal , CA.

Montreal , which is based on the East Coast of Canada. comes with a wonderful array of Sites to see on the outskirts and with the change of weather during the seasons to behold shows lovely colours for many photographers.

you can find yourself at Christmas at -40c in 6ft+ of snow with only the main Roads cleared and the Sky some times is Sharp blue with a crisp chill in the air , yet a warmth is felt from the sun, so different to England, U.K.’s Atmosphere . This can turn to a blowing fog of heavy snow. its always nice to catch the sun rising and setting during these times .

there is also lovely travel sights , to visit in the town of Montreal and nearby places like Ottawa the Capital of Canada, however Quebec is further to travel. Montreal still has old Montreal town ( lakeshore) which is local , lovely .. to walk round .. with there Craft Shows and more. If your into Older history try going into Montreal Center to look at the Montreal Vatican .. plus there are some great parking views out over the city. I would recommend that you Beware of Raccoon’s near waste bins , do not feed them ! , wild animals. do Enjoy your Trip …

Another Good thing to do is for Shopping Check out the underground Stores in Montreal , the displays are Amazing ! … and the floors cover around three floors of space … and so the other Seasons go on.

  1. Christmas tree inside 2.Cathedral downtown in Montreal

Autumn is a photographer’s endless world to take picture’s of scenery !


It’s Amazing how much we all do on our mobile phones , and underneath this there is probably Facebook, Cineworld, NLT Bible , Echo Prayer , Instagram and maybe YouTube ….. it can invade our normal life . So people be careful

Time off work ?

so when you are having a time off work what do you normally do ? .. is it the lying in bed and watching tv routine ?

so when you are having time off work what do you normally do ? .. is it the lying in bed and watching tv routine ? … chilling out or meeting old friends out somewhere at a pub where you haven’t been for quite a while .. personally I try and combine a few things when I’m relaxing and chilling

I prefer to go out for a meal with friends before a film showing and have a good time as I’m a bit of movie lover , a built in crit inside sorry , i love a wide variety of movies .. 🙂 .. and chatting with them you know .. ” what did you think of the ending etc ” …

I just love it .. a freedom night of no work on the screen ..

whats your chilling day like ?


where does the time go ? .. three quarters of the way through this year already ..

Editing a tasking thing , but it has to be done for a photographer ….

editing images in raw and jpeg in lightroom
23″ LCD Monitors Gives me the Better Coverage for working multiple Software’s.

Where does the time go ? … three quarters through a year already , this year I’ve already been Abroad once to the good old USA .. so lovely 🙂 … now I’m back and I’ve decided to Rebrand my Photography Name as it keeps getting mistaken for a film company .. firstfilmproductions

so philiphoughphotography.com is launched with

facebook.com/philiphoughphotography all my social links can be found here .. !

please follow me on any social link , aswell as here , wordpress .

alot of editing using Photoshop, lightroom , and multi software like pinnacle studio and others. So Desk work on hand to do re-watermarking ahead but this will be what I need , for my company to get myself noticed more as a photography company and not a film company … so I pray that this desk work will pay dividends and glory in the end.

Portraits, Shoots on locations and Studios or Services .

all the best

back to work now

all the best

from Philip.

Touring while Abroad in ’16

I took a Transport Ferry with Friends, While In Vancouver to see more as you do .. the Journey started from the Hotel near English Bay where our friend picked us up .. and then we had a Pleasant drive to their own hand built home.

The Home was so Amazing Built by Hand , Parts brought by road and boat. the View over the Balcony was overwhelming and lovely through the trees ! to see .. I just loved it through and through ..

We had a wonderful time there and the same trip back before dark .. wow , a Great trip .. in Vancouver .

Simply …put. . . Vancouver !

I’ve been to Vancouver 4 times now , and I still can’t grasp how AMAZING !

the place is with a variety of places to go to are … and see from restaurants and people to see and more I simple can’t type fast enough .. Simple put if i had the money I would buy a Place there ! … to all Vancouver People Enjoy !, and people taking holiday . . Enjoy ! ..

In the Beginning …

Firstly welcome all WordPress surfers , and viewers , another member dawns WordPress.. for a good outlook on life. as the title goes I will give you some history .

I’m a freelance Photography Company based in Manchester … In the start it was tough , however I gradually made the transition from small frame dx to full frame fx, I’m not saying dx is bad , it’s good for when you need it as I did I.e selling of my last nikon d40x, d90, d7000, great cameras that got brilliant pictures for me , sunsets at English Bay in Vancouver.. also sunset down at key West, Florida.. I’m now enjoying using my Nikon D610 and D750, travelling and sorting out the few images from my last abroad trip.. for my website to sell in #space & a #nautical category yet to create.

I’m looking also to do a #photoshoot in Nottingham.. through some contacts I know ..

All fun and games . 😊 .

Even when your going up north to #StIves, you get the Greatest Sunsets .. you start to think with the hot weather, who needs holidays lol .. view being from the balcony.

If you are travelling abroad I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves thoroughly…

Remember to take a Camera 📷👍.. If travelling local still do the same. 😊.

With my first blog I hope I’ve identified myself ..

From Philip.